What We Do

Union Fire District

What We Do

We are your trusted neighbors, colleagues, and friends, all dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency response. With our core of 80 to 90 volunteer firefighters, we respond to between 850 and 1100 calls for service each year. Although we never know exactly what to expect, we must always be prepared.

An average year may include:

Structure Fires

Responding to a fire in a building, requiring suppression and rescue operations.

Vehicle Accidents

Attending to a traffic collision involving extrication and medical assistance.

Medical Emergencies

Providing emergency medical services such as CPR, first aid, or patient stabilization.

Decontamination (DECON)

Performing decontamination procedures on individuals or equipment exposed to hazardous materials.

Brush Fires

Fighting a rapidly spreading outdoor fire in forested or grassland areas.

Water Rescues

Rescuing individuals from water-related emergencies such as drowning or boat accidents.

Gas Leaks

Responding to reports of a gas leak, requiring evacuation and containment measures.

Electrical Fires

Attending to fires caused by electrical faults or malfunctions in buildings or equipment.

The Union Fire District includes volunteers from every corner of our community, from each village or neighborhood in our historic town.  Once, fires were fought by bucket brigades that were affiliated with various mills spread throughout the town of South Kingstown.

As our town, industries, and technology grew, so did our fire departments. Today, our District includes eight stations and stands prepared to fight fires and other emergency hazards with a well-trained volunteer force and the best-available resources and personal protection equipment. There is a Kingston Fire District that serves the village of Kingston and the University of Rhode Island.

Union Fire District established in 1883

Peace Dale (Station 1) – Established in 1867
Wakefield (Station 2) – Established in 1895
Snug Harbor (Station 5) – Established in 1952
Forestry (Station 3) – Established in 1956
Tower Hill (Station 6) – Established in 1962
Tuckertown (Station 8) – Established in 1978
Matunuck (Station 7) – Established in 1978
West Kingston (Station 9) – Established in 1978