Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Membership begins at age 16 with Full Membership beginning at age 18. All applicants should be in relatively good health.

The training schedule is flexible with each station meets for a minimum of two hours a week on Wednesdays nights from seven to nine or Sundays from ten to twelve.

The reward is the satisfaction of helping a fellow citizen in their time of need. You also will receive the opportunity to train in many different fields free of charge. Each firefighter has the opportunity to receive the length of service awards program that pays firefighters who meet the requirements $225 to $350 per firefighter bi-annually.

All the equipment required for firefighting will be provided by The District at no cost to the firefighter.

The District operates eight stations located throughout the Town. We recommend you join the station closest to your residence; however, applicants have the opportunity to join any of the District's eight stations.

Yes, there are many other tasks you can assist with other than climbing ladders.

No, we have many members who do not live or work in the Town of South Kingstown. We have many opportunities to contribute as a firefighter such as weekly trainings, daily or evening duty engine shifts or other events and details. We would welcome members from any community to join our ranks.