We welcome young men and women who want to serve their community for as long as they want. Some stay a few years and others for decades. Many of our volunteers start with us and make a career in the fire service and the district provides members the option to prepare for a paid fire department. Some follow a medical path, others learn a lot of new skills and use them in their current or future jobs.

Our mission provides a range of fire related services designed to protect the lives and property of the residents of South Kingstown from the adverse effects of fires, emergencies and exposure to other dangerous conditions.

BURN BUILDING — The Only Class A Live Burn Building in RI!

  • Reinforced concrete walls, floors and roof construction
  • Floors sloped to exterior scuppers to drain water
  • Design similar to “Cape Cod” style house
  • Interior walls finished with special refractory cement tiles to ensure long, useful life.
  • Interior partitions with functioning doors to facilitate multiple drill possibilities
  • Steel shutters on windows to facilitate multiple drill possibilities
  • Roof hatches for drills


  • Reinforced concrete walls, floor and roof construction
  • Exterior fire escape for drills
  • Interior stair tower
  • Floors sloped to exterior scuppers to drain water
  • Internal sprinkler system for drills
  • Steel shutters on windows to facilitate multiple drill possibilities
  • Burning Building – Training Ground


  • 12″ Water service to site
  • 5 fire hydrants
  • Retention basin to collect all run off water
  • Site lighting for night drills


  • Fencing of entire site
  • Paved areas for fire truck drills and parking
  • Grassed areas and landscaping
  • Concrete pad for SCBA maze
  • 3 concrete pads for vehicle drills
  • Drafting pit for drills
  • Confined space training area
  • Roof Simulator

Once you complete your one-year probationary period, you can take advantage of the following opportunities and more!

  • Apparatus Driver
  • Haz-Mat Technician
  • SCUBA Diver
  • Extrication Technician
  • Firefighter Level 1
  • Firefighter Level 2
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • First-Aid Certification
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Confined Space Certification

These are just a few of many opportunities available within The District.

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