Our Mission / Vision

Union Fire District

Our Mission / Vision

Our Mission
The mission of the Union Fire District is to provide a range of fire related services designed to protect the lives and property of the residents of the Town of South Kingstown from the adverse effects of fires, emergencies and exposure to other dangerous conditions.

Our Vision
We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for all South Kingstown Citizens.

We dedicate ourselves to the safety of the community by providing the highest level of service and response to emergencies.

We will strive to create a partnership with the community in a responsive, efficient, proactive manner.

We will achieve our highest potential by creating a positive work environment through proper training, public education, code enforcement and effective internal relationships.

Our organization stresses attainable goals, achieved through shared responsibility and accountability.

We will nurture these relationship with respect, integrity, dedication and commitment. Our organization will strive to keep our responders safe at all times. Promoting a “Safety Always” attitude will help us accomplish our goals. Safety is paramount and is consistently at the forefront of ALL Union Fire District events.

Our future depends on our environment to shared leadership, volunteerism, organizational empowerment, emergency preparedness and responsiveness to the community.