Union Fire District of South Kingstown Seeks Stories of Past, Present Volunteers for Documentary Film

SOUTH KINGSTOWN — Union Fire District of South Kingstown Chief Steven Pinch and retired UFD Deputy Chief/National Volunteer Fire Council First Vice Chairman Kevin Quinn announce that they are seeking stories of volunteer firefighters for an upcoming documentary film.

The National Volunteer Fire Council has partnered with John Deere, Vignette Productions and eChannel to produce a documentary film with the purpose of recruiting volunteer firefighters. The Union Fire District and NVFC are seeking compelling stories of volunteers to be highlighted in the video.

“This is a great opportunity for our volunteers to share their stories in the hopes of recruiting the next generation of firefighters,” Chief Pinch said. “We recruit volunteers from all age groups and backgrounds, each with their own unique perspective on why they serve and the value of volunteer firefighters to their communities. We encourage anyone currently serving with the Union Fire District or who has served previously to reach out and be a part of this documentary.”

Every year, approximately 750,000 men and women leave their jobs, homes and families to respond to local emergencies as volunteers with their local fire department. Volunteers represent 69% of all of the nation’s firefighters, saving taxpayers roughly $47 billion annually.

The critical importance of the volunteer fire service to rural areas and small towns cannot be overestimated, and this documentary will seek to raise public awareness of the importance of volunteer firefighters and encourage viewers considering volunteering to step up in support of their local communities by serving as well.

Examples of what the documentary will look to feature include:

  • Someone beginning their journey as a volunteer firefighter
  • Volunteer firefighters with a unique day job
  • Volunteer firefighters with a special motivation or passion for volunteering
  • Inspirational or redemption stories (“becoming a firefighter transformed my life”)
  • Generational stories
  • Stories about communities that have experienced major emergencies where their local volunteer firefighters helped avert tragedy, saved lives and/or property.
  • Unique fire departments (all women, diverse, a very small department, a very large department)

To submit a story, click on the sign-up page here or contact Vignette Casting Director Louise Colette at louise@vignettecreative.com or 650-995-6476.