Union Fire District of South Kingstown Reminds Residents to Help Clear Snow from Hydrants Following Major Storm

SOUTH KINGSTOWN — Chief Steven Pinch and the Union Fire District of South Kingstown would like to remind residents about the importance of clearing fire hydrants following a major snowstorm. 

UFD volunteers were busy during the major blizzard that hit the area this past weekend, working in 24-plus-hour shifts manning stations and clearing hydrants throughout town. In order for firefighters to access and connect a hose to a hydrant in the event of an emergency, snow must be cleared in a 3- to 5-foot area around the hydrant. 

Residents can assist firefighters by removing snow from hydrants near their homes. 

There are about 600 fire hydrants in South Kingstown.

“Our volunteers did the very best they could while on duty during this most recent snowstorm, and that included driving around town clearing snow from as many hydrants as they could,” Chief Pinch said. “We appreciate the efforts of all of our residents who shoveled out fire hydrants near them this weekend. If any resident is able, we ask that they clear out any of the remaining hydrants nearby as well. This will make a huge difference, and of course we will continue to do what we can to make all of the hydrants in town accessible.”

The Union Fire District acknowledges the efforts of all first responders and town staff during this most recent storm, including South Kingstown Police and EMS, DPW workers and more.