Union Fire District of South Kingstown Announces Christopher Rollo as Newest Volunteer Firefighter

Union Fire District Deputy Chief Tony Cinquegrana swore in firefighter Christopher Rollo on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at the Peace Dale Station, following Rollo’s probationary period. (Photo courtesy Union Fire District)

SOUTH KINGSTOWN — Chief Steven Pinch and the Union Fire District of South Kingstown are pleased to announce the swearing in of their newest member.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, Deputy Chief Tony Cinquegrana swore in firefighter Christopher Rollo following the completion of his probationary training period.

Firefighter Rollo will be working out of Peace Dale Station 1.

The 18-year-old South Kingstown resident said he did not know much about the UFD when he began his probationary training period in January 2019. He did have friends in the department going through their probationary periods as well, who he was able to lean on.

“It was a challenge at times, but I was lucky to have friends going through the same thing and we worked through it together,” Firefighter Rollo said. “My lieutenants were also a huge help getting me to where I needed to be, and I am proud of what I have been able to achieve so far.”

Rollo decided to join the UFD after receiving a tour of Peace Dale Station from a friend in the department, where he was able to see the high quality equipment and apparatus the firefighters have the privilege of using on the job. His probationary period then gave him first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a firefighter.

“Between my friends who are in the department, and a cousin of mine who is a career firefighter, I have a strong interest in the profession of firefighting and I am excited to learn more,” Firefighter Rollo said. “It feels great to be a member of the Union Fire District, where I will get the chance to work side-by-side with so many highly-trained firefighters.”

“We are excited to welcome Christopher to the ranks of the Union Fire District and Peace Dale Station 1,” Chief Pinch said. “It is always exciting when existing volunteers help to recruit new members, and we are able to bring in recent high school graduates who might be looking to explore the value and rewards that a career in fire service offers.”

Join the UFD

The Union Fire District of South Kingstown is always seeking new volunteers to join its ranks. Junior membership begins at age 16, and full membership begins at age 18. No prior experience is required, and the department welcomes volunteers from outside South Kingstown. There are opportunities to volunteer on scheduled duty, including day, night and weekend shifts.

Click here to visit the Union Fire District website’s volunteer page to learn more or to fill out an application.